Osmeña Peak and Traverse To Kawasan Series of Falls

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pechay on osmena peak
We’re heading to the legendary Osmeña Peak to the outskirts of Badian, Cebu and then traverse to Kawasan Falls to see if the trail they consider to be the most adventurous really does deserves its reputation. This is the coldest part of Cebu and is abundant with plants that only grow on low temperature, this is the reason why the place is called the vegetable basket of Cebu. Our local guide told us that we’ll pass by a marijuana plantation once we continue to trail going to Kawasan Falls. And so we’re about to witness what its like. Although we don’t have concrete information to go on, we still wanted to check out to reach the inaccessible part in the most inaccessible valley near Basiao, Badian.


The first thing that a regular person would do before she or he climb a mountain is to check which path to go to avoid accidents but no one else in the world would you expect to be greeted by a site anything at all like this. If you are afraid of heights, you probably would wish there is an elevator going to Mantalongon Market because the series of road cliffs are definitely frightening you can almost imagine what will happen to you if the jeep slips and roll down. Remember, its 1000 meters above sea level. No one will probably try to rescue or even recover the corpses down the unexplored rainforest. If you’re lucky to be alive, you’ll have hours and hours away from help. God knows what’s down there.


They purposely put this gotto for the mountaineers to say their prayers before going up.


To reach this point, you can trekk or hire a motorcycle that will take you from Mantalungon Public Market to the foot of the Osmeña Peak which is about 3 kilometers. Its the easiest path to reach the mountain range of Mantalungon which somehow like cliffs tied up together and is twice as steep as tops of Cebu City overlooking the shorelines of Badian. The highest peak is open to everyone unlike what was being documented online which raises few questions. There are just few rules to follow here and like what our local guide said “Leave nothing but footsteps“.

view up going to kawasan falls

Hiking going to the foot of the mountain range is what we prefer but don’t get much more extreme than that because really you have to save your strength if you plan to continue to Kawasan Falls after
visiting Osmeña Peak. So as what I expect climbing the steeper part is not without problems especially if you are with the so called mountaineers who constantly do their retouch and making their lips totally red. :D but believe me, they maybe kikays but they are capable of doing extra ordinary.

local-guide in osmena peak

These kids are usually the guide here on the Peak, you can see they still wear sweater despite that they are used to the cold temperature. One of them has noticeable thick skin with dog hairs,
I think its something sort of metamorphosis they undergo after years of living on top. *kidding*

Now that you know the situation up here, you certainly can prepare accordingly, here are the things you need if you plan to visit Osmeña Peak and set up a camp here.

  • Flash lights
    Bottles Tanduay Rhum to last for the night.
    Portable burner so you can drink hot coffee.
    Food of course is a must
    Don’t set up a bonfire right near the tents.
    And don’t wear slippers.
  • kawasan-spring

    This is the Kawasan Spring where all the river water starts, down here is where you can see the series of water falls that you use to see travel guides. The water is so cold making your hike worth, drink it and taste it. Read more