Taboan Dried Fish Market

taboan dried-fish-market

Many years ago before I migrated here in Cebu City, my cousin and I visited the place they call Taboan. Taboan is by all accounts one of the best market to buy “danggit“, a delicacy here in Cebu which is best for breakfast. We went there and bought kilos of danggit and when we’re done, I hailed a cab and we get inside. The cab driver’s face shows disgust in responce to the foul smell we acquire from the market. I asked how awful we smell, he said he could terribly taste it through his crewing gum. Its a serious reason why people, particularly my cousin don’t go to Taboan. This dried fish market could be nasty but the rewards can be spectacular apart that danggit in this market is cheaper, it also taste satisfying especially the unsalted ones. Danggit and dried squid is what I usually bring as “pasalubong”.

Taboan Market is somewhere near the Carbon Market you certainly can get there with a cab or these horse-drawn carriages which lined up right beside the Freedom Park, they’d be visible when you’re there. I have to say, its very nice to get back to the very basic means of transportation with just a carriage and a horse. Just so you know, you can actually hire these horses to bring you anywhere but this time, I prefer to go to Taboan and while going there I ask the coachman few questions along the way. At first he wasn’t that loud but after few minutes the guy don’t stop talking and simply expose everything.

Off the record, I made inquiries where I could score meth and so he suggest we head straight and turn left and from there we could drive a trike to head to someone who sells these things publicly. No kidding. Its easy to acquire these stuff here, I remember a friend who brought me here inside a claustrophobic labyrinth of slum area, I could easily lose my way around there. We stop at an open door and from there we puff along with the people in sniffing frenzy, paid the merchandise and leave.

Anyway, I’m just interested about the danggit and dried squid so I just told him to head to the Taboan Market. You’d be surprise how prices increased compare to the dried fishes from Bantayan Market yet the prices here in Taboan is a lot cheaper than the ones you’ll buy in Malls. Going to Taboan dried fish market is worth the hassle. If you have been in a classy hotel here in Cebu, sometimes these dried danggit are offered for your breakfast in bed menu.